Yoga Everyday

For years I have been debating with my self regarding the workout routine I should adopt. I sometimes would do weight lifting, aerobics, HIIT (High Intense Interval training), and sometimes I would do yoga. I enjoyed doing yoga and other above mentioned excersice but maximum fulfillment I got was from yoga. The reason I lifted weights and did HIIT was because someone told me that just doing yoga isn’t enough I need to do cardio for burning those extra calories and I should also lift weights to build muscles. But too many choices made it difficult for me to take the decision of what to do every morning. Resulting in missing out doing workout for days and months. I had also come up with a workout Plan that I would do Yoga on Monday, Weight lifting on Tuesday, Cardio/ HIIT on Wednesday then again Yoga on Thursday and so on till Sunday. Which I followed for many months with some gaps of missing workouts in between but it was always a debate in my mind of should I skip HIIT and do Weights or should I skip weights and do yoga today. Also the time spent in choosing a video from YouTube to do the workout would be tiring. After thinking this over for the longest time I have taken a decision that yoga is the best thing for me, it is good mix of stretching, cardio, body weight lifting and more over it is ancient practise followed by numerous well know Yogis in India and around the world. The benefits of doing yoga are tremendous. And now I don’t have to debate every morning with myself of what form of excersice I should do. I find happiness and fulfilment in practicing yoga every morning. For me it’s always been one thing that I can put my entire focus on and get best at it, therefore in this area of excersice in my life I found Yoga to be the best choice that I can practice forever.


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