Discipline = Gain

I have always found the word discipline to be very daunting and boring, that’s how people around me made me feel discipline to be. But in reality discipline is the only way you can achieve your precious desirable goals. Discipline here is in the context of self discipline which is to do something that matters to you and to do that regularly. The best part of being disciplined is that you don’t have to wait for a long time to see the fruits of your disciplined habits. You get to see immediate results even if it is too small, you can feel or see the difference you gained from being disciplined. So if small actions of discipline can contribute to our goals and get us one step closer to our vision than why would we let go of our disciplined habits day after day? Every time you miss out (whether intentional or unintentional) on doing what you decide to do you are letting go of the opportunity to achieving your goal. Discipline should not be associated with words like difficult, boring and mundane. Instead the only way to brain tattoo the meaning of the word DISCIPLINE is with the word GAIN. So next time when you are letting go of your disciplined habit remember you are missing out on a valuable gain that you would achieve and get closer to your goals.


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