Truth or Lie

It’s so easy to lie and it has always been. I thought about writing this article/blog because I am currently reading the book called Lying by Sam Harris. In this book the author talks about how lying will never help you and what are the advantages of telling the truth that will help each one of us if we decide to say the truth every time. Firstly I must truthful agree that I have lied many a times and I am very sure we all do it intentionally or unintentionally. But almost 95% of my lies are said for the betterment of everyone (including myself) or for the well being of everyone. As I am reading the book I am simultaneously practicing and consciously telling myself to speak the truth. In some cases I was able to do it but in other cases I thought its crucial to lie, in such a senario my mind and the reality tells me that lying is the most sensible choice. I have realised that truth will definitely serve me in the long run. But practicing that in some situation gets impossible. I feel the best ways to cope up with such situations is to choose not to speak or react at all. This too may be difficult by atleast it is better than lying.


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