Spring Summer Inspired

Spring Summer Inspired

Zimmermann white crop top
14,235 INR – zimmermannwear.com

Zimmermann high waisted shorts
16,890 INR – zimmermannwear.com

Tabitha Simmons red shoes
23,070 INR – matchesfashion.com

Givenchy handbag purse
109,350 INR – luisaviaroma.com

Rado watch
134,960 INR – lordandtaylor.com

Ace vintage sunglasses
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Marc Jacobs lipstick
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Nars cosmetic
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Clinique blush
1,480 INR – lordandtaylor.com

Choose Process Over Result

The more we desire the more we get distracted and ultimately distributed. I have realised there are many things we like and enjoy and only a few things that we truly love. It was difficult for me for the longest time to know what I love and focus all my attention on it.
We are a society filled with information and pictures which are constantly changing our minds from being this or doing that. The outer voices are way too many to help us choose what we want in life or career. Not that they don’t help us get close to our goal but it’s the inner voice which keeps telling what we should do.

We may get mesmerised by someone’s success or work and wish to be that. But being is not what we should focus on, doing is what we need to. The result is the outcome of the process. Process (doing) is what matters the most. But we often forget the process and fallen love with the results. Rather we should fall in love with the process and truly enjoy it. Results will eventually come but the love of process will keep us going.

Full Denim Wear

Full Denim Wear

Gianvito Rossi blue boots
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Steve Madden shoulder bag
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Blue topaz earrings
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Urban decay eyeshadow
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Stila makeup
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NYX tinted moisturizer
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Rimmel lipstick
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Marc Jacobs fragrance
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Nars cosmetic
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Thigh High Boots and Floral Embroidered Dress

Thigh High Boots and Floral Embroidered Dress

Jeffrey Campbell thigh high boots
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Valentino mini handbag
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Nixon waterproof watch
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Burberry eyeshadow
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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics blush
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Unicorn Lashes false eyelash
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Lime crime lipstick
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Rimmel eyeliner
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GHD flat iron
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Power Pink

Power Pink

Giambattista Valli loose dress
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Gucci loafer
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Valentino leather crossbody
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Michael Kors watch
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Oscar de la Renta Pink Label pink jewelry
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Fendi pink glasses

Hourglass cosmetic
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Laura Mercier blush
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Nevermind moisturizing lipstick
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Maybelline mascara
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Tory Burch body moisturizer
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Bright Blue Floral Top

Bright Blue Floral Top

River Island bralet top
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Hudson Jeans high waisted skinny jeans
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Sergio Rossi blue shoes
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Yves Saint Laurent man bag
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Alice Cicolini gold jewelry
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Tory Burch leather jewelry
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Christian Dior eyeshadow
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Mac cosmetic
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Clinique blush
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Clinique mascara
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Glossy lipstick
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Truth or Lie

It’s so easy to lie and it has always been. I thought about writing this article/blog because I am currently reading the book called Lying by Sam Harris. In this book the author talks about how lying will never help you and what are the advantages of telling the truth that will help each one of us if we decide to say the truth every time. Firstly I must truthful agree that I have lied many a times and I am very sure we all do it intentionally or unintentionally. But almost 95% of my lies are said for the betterment of everyone (including myself) or for the well being of everyone. As I am reading the book I am simultaneously practicing and consciously telling myself to speak the truth. In some cases I was able to do it but in other cases I thought its crucial to lie, in such a senario my mind and the reality tells me that lying is the most sensible choice. I have realised that truth will definitely serve me in the long run. But practicing that in some situation gets impossible. I feel the best ways to cope up with such situations is to choose not to speak or react at all. This too may be difficult by atleast it is better than lying.